The beauty of God

God is understanding. God cares and He listens. You matter. You make a difference. You are loved. So much. God speaks to us in several ways through several occasions. He speaks to us through the Bible, through other people, and through our hearts.  No matter where we are, who we encounter or what we think … Continue reading The beauty of God

The Tales of a Burnout

There are so many factors that lead to feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. Many people feel like this either at certain times of the day or simply for specific reasons. I spent a lot of my early mothering, advocating for self-time and prioritizing my marriage. Now, at this moment in my life, there’s very little … Continue reading The Tales of a Burnout

Embracing the Mystery – Eucharist pt.3

We are now in the full presence of Christ himself! The Eucharistic prayer continues into the following parts: The Lord’s prayer, the fraction, the Rite of Peace and Communion. The Lord’s prayer: In the Lord’s prayer we are making the perfect act of gratitude, petition, and fortitude. We “dare” to claim God as father, as … Continue reading Embracing the Mystery – Eucharist pt.3