Joandra Ocampo

Her shoes are either too small or too big; struggles with taking the perfect Tumblr engagement ring shot, if you get the number of  her face birthmarks right you might know I’m talking about Joandra Ocampo Estrada also known as Jojo, 23 years old from Guerrero, Mexico.

With many goals in life she has earned her Pastoral Theology certification from the University of Dallas Texas and almost at the end of her Early-Childhood education Bachelor’s Degree she still maintains her main focus on her Catholic calling.

Her calling began in January 10, 2009 when she among other adolescents encountered God at a spiritual retreat. Since then, she began an ongoing journey of life changing choices. There was teasing and name-calling but the criticisms didn’t stop her hungriness for the most perfect person, God. The wise, intellectual, effortless speaker that she is today inspires many people crossing her life.  Many would say she is not living her age at 23, yet still hasn’t left her happy feet off the dance floor. You will passionately find her signing her banda songs, as you will find her in adoration singing to her love.

Lastly, as Joandra would say “God drained his last drop of blood for you, therefore glorify God with your life.”

-Jenyfer D. Navichoque