Fabiola Navichoque

From the perspective of Jo:


My name is Fabiola Vanessa Navichoque Lima! I know, the name is a little intense and that’s what happens when you are Hispanic haha 😉. I go by Fabi, I am 22, Guatemalan, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, musician but most importantly Catholic. I can go on about who I am as a person, but it all comes down to one identity and that is a daughter of a loving Christ and member of the Holy Church I call home.

Baptized and happily part of the Catholic family ever since I was very young. Although my parents had always been involved in church, I didn’t have my personal encounter till January of 2009. It was an experience full of love and mercy from a God that was ever present, but I was too blind to make him part of my life. Since that day, I started a journey of service, discovering myself, and loving God in a deeper manner.

If I could share one thing about this journey it would undoubtedly be: joy. Joy is a gift we cannot live without especially if we call ourselves sons and daughters of Christ. Joy in every second and situation of life. Yes, I know there are times where joy is the last feeling we can think of and that is okay. I can assure you there were times where being joyful in dark moments has kept me in love with my faith and those who surround me. Do everything with joy: clean your room with joy, go to work with joy, talk to others with joy. It’s being joyful in the simple that makes for a soul full of peace and seeing the absolute best in everyone and everything.

I am far from perfect but I am hungry to fulfill the mission the Father has for me. I am His instrument, and nothing gives more purpose to my life than serving others and sharing His word. I am Fabi, and I am a daughter of The Christ that brings joy and peace to all those who are courageous enough to listen.

His instrument and your sister in Christ,