Claudia Navichoque

ONE of my friends/sister has the biggest, purest heart of anyone I know. This is about her; and anyone who may relate to her story, as told through my eyes.

Claudia Jahaira Navichoque Lima was born into the best family in Jalapa, Guatemala, the second child of three. Lived there until she was seven years of age and is now residing in Georgia, USA. She is a 23 year old very savvy lady, articulate in the written word, generous-hearted, deeply spiritual, loving, caring, and with a desire to see and understand more of her faith. She seems to be enlightened in family and relationships, and finds it easy to relate to almost anyone or anything, and most importantly stays an active Catholic.


About seven years ago, Claudia and I went to a retreat. Over the course of the weekend, our Lord rewarded our openness by touching our hearts in every talk and in every time of prayer.

We were in Eucharistic Adoration standing face to face, nose to nose, with Jesus in the monstrance and prayed with Him. Sins were renounced. Hearts were healed.

In that said we met wonderful people and knew that we’re all sharing that same passion and love for our faith.

From that moment she had nothing to think of but His Infinite Love for her and for all of us! She started growing more in her faith and served endless amount of retreats with her newly found “family”.

Claudia became an Extraordinary Minister of The Eucharist for our parish, in where she found the purest of love and humility in given God’s body and blood to his children.

TO THIS DATE, she’s still serving with much joy to her one and only true love, our Lord Jesus Christ.

In a not even perfect world – just a different one – she could have been to university, traveled, had a career, and more income than she just manages to get by on now. INSTEAD, she is in a world where God has complete control and more importantly, she wants to GIVE more to the world. With limited resources she has already given more than most.

With much love,

– Fabiola Vanessa Navichoque