Sacrificial Love

If then, we have died with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with him.” Romans 6:3-11

I always struggle with am I doing too much? Should I not cook or clean or do laundry today? How clean should the house be? How stylish should I be? How healthy am I and my family? How many hours of work should I do? How much money should I spend on others? Should I give in to a more pleasant lifestyle, am I losing myself to gain the world? These 40 days I have really offered up my fasting, prayer and almsgiving for clarity in this, I needed guidance. I know I’m supposed to live for others, die to myself, but I also have dignity and the whole “self-care” culture is roaring in my ears. What do I do?

God responded with this phrase constantly popping up EVERYWHERE; On blogs, in my devotional, in talks, even in Mass’!! I was like “okay, fine I will listen.” Sacrificial love.

Sacrificial love is a natural response of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. When I am filled, I can give fully without holding anything back for myself. I have received clarity…

Jo, you are called to give everything of you to others. You’re worried about giving too much? Fill yourself more. A true disciple forgets about himself, but immerses themselves in God. When you learn to die to yourself, you will then be fully alive. You cannot give and give without receiving. You feel tired, emptied out, FILL YOURSELF. Your self care is not the mainstream, your self care is prayer, conversation with friends, conversations in bed with your husband, playtime with your baby boy, your self care is Me. Come to me, and you will not question your limits to love. You are made for love, and nothing less.

This clarity has taken me over a year to receive, so be patient with yourself. Let God reveal himself to you in His time and His style, BUT listen! Now, pray for me for I need to live this reality every day.

So, this week I invite you to journey with Christ. In communion with him on Holy Thursday, in His passion and death on Good Friday, and most importantly in His resurrection.

Don’t be fearful of dying to yourself, don’t be fearful of letting go, don’t be fearful of taking in, don’t be fearful of limits, don’t be fearful of discomfort. Let’s stop sugar coating the path to being fully alive. It is with passion and death that we can rise.

“Be filled with hope: Jesus Christ is always victorious.” St. Josemaria Escriva

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