“Marriage is hard”

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I had trouble thinking about what to write about this week. Everything is pretty neutral these days and I feel like I’ve touched based on everything going on in my life. So I asked my husband for his input and he suggested “Relationships go thru phases” of course I wouldn’t be touching this topic if our marriage has not gone through a phase because it most definitely has.

Marriage is hard, we’ve all heard that. I heard that a thousand times before getting married and I hated hearing it not because I thought it wasn’t going to be but that’s where it always ended “marriage is hard PERIOD”. Geez, thanks for the advice.

So here’s what I’ll want you to know about “Marriage is hard”

Yes, it is. Marriage is hard work, I’ve seen the darkness of Marriage.

You want your own way I want my own way and you think the magnitude of your mistakes are less than his. Because his faults are trembling everything and it’s his fault marriage is not the same. It’s convincing to say you give more to the relationship plainly because you know what you’re bringing to the table.

I get mad for days just because he fails to acknowledge my hard work. But not once do I thank him for going to work faithfully all these years, for keeping us financially stable, for working day/night shifts and coming home to us. For never wanting to leave when times get so hard and never seeking recognition.

You are placed in this union by grace and for the grace of His. Marriage is hard because it is until death. What you make of your marriage means everything. We can complain about the army of things that are wrong or we can start to see it how God sees it – Sacred. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that “God himself is the author of marriage.” What does this mean? That the very idea has its origin in heaven. That alone gives me chills, our marriage is our ticket to heaven it’s not to live happily but to live joyfully in work for Him.

Yes, there will be many phases of change. My husband might not be the same he way eight years ago but God knew what he was doing when he paired me with Abner. He knew his flaws just like He knew the flaws of my character. He knew that Abner will be the person I would expose the sins that I have tried to cover up for years and would lead me to reconciliation. He knows better than you what you need and the sooner you submit to God and His purpose in your life, the sooner you will see what He is up to in your marriage. Don’t you see, He so wants to make you Holy. He is so eager to transform you because he loves you so much.

I’ve only been married for almost six years but in this short time, I have learned that God has really ordained this union as a place for mine and my hubs mutual purification so that together we may grow as the individuals united as one that He created us to be.

So this is what I would say to newlyweds, “Congratulation on your marriage. May this be the most difficult and refining thing you ever do in your life because it is worth it”



Christ is the bridegroom and we are the bride.And we will be loved because He has so loved us.

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