18 and Pregnant

This is my story of my unplanned pregnancy. I was 18, Catholic and definitely not married.

I was a serving in the youth ministry of my parish and well by this time I had already been serving for a couple of years. Everyone in my parish community already knew of me as one of the “Young Catholic Girls”. What would my faith community think? Would they think that I’m a complete hypocrite? How will I ever show my face again in my Church that I love so much? I would have to stop attending youth group. Instead of using my sin as an excuse to shame myself away from God, I took advantage of his Blessed Sacrament of Reconciliation, and continuously praised Him for His endless mercy for me, and praised Him for my brothers and sisters who showered me in hugs and encouragement. I Praised Him for my parish, which was my rock. Not once did I feel judged when I would walk around the church with my growing belly.
Praise God for second chances because no matter how many times you and I screw up we don’t ever totally screw it up. No sin is greater than His love, and He proves that to us in His sacraments.
He granted me such peace and clarity and maybe that’s because He wanted me to listen to Him. Listen to His plan for me. He called to the Marriage life and before I knew it I was walking down the aisle. I married the love of my life in the same church that I met them both, my Savior and husband. Though it started unholy, we wanted to welcome our son in His grace and in His grace, we welcomed our son Maximiliano Gerard who we named after the great St. Maximiliano Kolbe and St. Gerard Majella.
I thank God for our Maxi, whom God used to correct our way and drive us closer to Him. I’m thankful for everyone who stood by us, our family and friends who protected us from the outside criticisms because we sure got it, and you know what’s beautiful? Our friends never told us until much later. They shielded us and they invisibly walked through trial with us too. I am thankful for our Priest who guided us at the time and our Deacon who prayed for my pregnancy. If you find yourself in a situation where you might think “dang, I screwed it up with God”, first allow yourself to reconcile through the sacrament you’ll see how worthy of forgiveness you are. You were made for greatness, no matter what you’ve done wrong we can never fully screw it all up for him, can we?
He is a loving God.
He is a Merciful God.
He is a Graceful God.
He is your Redeemer.

Praying for you,

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