Something More Precious

“People may laugh at you because you believe in the gentle and unassuming power of mercy. But do not be afraid.” Pope Francis

We are called to live radically. The gospels teach us to live humbly, and love radically; to pick up our cross daily for the Lord’s glory. If we have bought into any lies that the world had taught us, there is bound to be resistance on our journey to holiness.

I begin to understand that everything is done out of sacrifice for Love. Just as a mother guides her child whom she loves, the church guides us out of love. In the conversion that I had, in that powerful moment when I realized the Lord had more for my life than I had planned, I understood that freedom.

I understand now in this season that we are called to a daily conversion of heart. A conversion gives us the conviction of the freedom of a life that Christ has to offer us.

We are called for more than the normal. What I learned over time is that lifestyle, which is so heavily promoted by the media and our culture as “freeing,” is a one-way ticket to emptiness, regret, and loneliness, most certainly ending in death.

I discovered the key was to live radically. Sure, social interactions are great, but ultimately, we have to root ourselves in Jesus, by rooting ourselves in the sacraments, if we want to enter into a deep and fulfilling relationship with God.

Leading others closer to Christ, is most effective through my own personal witness. How am I living my life? When people see me or listen to me, I pray that they see Christ and are hearing Him! I’ve learned from the Lord that I’m never off, there is never a break from living for Christ. Sure, there are times when I’m tired and when I’m not in the best mood, but I have to choose joy and love. My words and actions and utilization of the gifts God has given me can always affect someone around me.


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