God in the Pages

God is bigger than my fears
God is bigger than my temptations
God is bigger than my doubts
God can change me and restore what is broken
God heals
God protects

All of these things noted above are personal to each and every one of us. It applies to all of us.

No matter what you are going through, no matter what you are fearful of, whatever tempts you and whatever your doubts may be, know that God is bigger than all of that. Your attention and time with and for God is much better and impactful than anything else. God truly cares. He has always cared about you and I. Have you ever sat back and just thought about all the good God has done in your life? From the mysterious little details to the most obvious signs, I often catch myself just getting lost in the image of God through the things occurring and reoccurring things in my life. It is hard to think of what to do to possibly repay him for all the good he has done for us, whether we realize it or not. Thankfully, there are things God left us with to devout our time to; to allow us to get personal and intimate with God himself.

There is one thing, in particular, I want to talk about, and that is on how we can personally benefit from what he is saying and doing in our lives. A very special way to do that is by reading the daily scripture, and to reflect and pray about the message he has to tell us. Taking a few minutes either in the morning, before getting out of bed or any time before you go to sleep to read the daily readings. There is always something you can walk away from and take to be applied to your life. Hey, you never know; you may possibly even change someone else’s life by sharing what you experienced. God always has something to tell you, and he does this out of love. The readings for each day can easily be accessed online and through a few Catholic apps. God shares with us his love all throughout the Bible and in order to receive that message and act of love we need to be attentive to his word. We need to be active in our reflections and pray consistently to God. Pray before you read his word, and ask for wisdom to be able to understand the depth of the message, to be able to take what you understood from the message and apply it to your life. Then read the readings/ bible verses, read it a few times and focus on what stood out to you and what spoke to you the most. Then reflect on what message you were blessed with. See where in your life that message can be applied. Then, close with prayer. Let God know you are thankful, and let God know that you need help. He will listen to you and he will help you with his righteous hand. Being familiar with His word strengthens us, and it is important to be consistent in receiving His word for our benefit and for our wellbeing. Sharing with others what we know from the bible can really make an impact on somebody’s life. You never know, you may be a prayer someone asked for. Go and proclaim God’s love.

Take this opportunity, any opportunity this new day to read what message God has for you today. It only takes a few minutes, a few minutes to focus completely on God, just as he does with you. God’s words in the bible are his prayers to us. Let us receive those blessed words and trust in them, obey them and act upon them.

Reading for today: Mathew 20:1-16



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