Perfect Gift, All is Grace: Birth Story

Perfect gift our Santiago all is grace because of the unfathomable love of God. Today, I will be sharing my birth story. 

I had a pre-existing condition, as I mentioned in the previous blog, so I had a scheduled c-section. I am an over planner, so again this was a blessing in disguise. I was able to prepare and baby was super comfy in there, so I knew we wouldn’t have to go in sooner.
The night of June 26th was the longest night of my life (well, since then, now I have many haha). I was not able to sleep. I was full of excitement and fear. I’m still in awe how such opposite feelings go hand in hand. Anyway, I prayed like two rosaries and nothing seemed to calm me. Adrian was knocked out and I didn’t want to bother him, so I got up at 4 am and checked for the millionth time my diaper bag and hospital bag. Anxiety was taking over and as normal as that may be, I knew this isn’t how I wanted to live this experience. I went to my bible and read Psalm 150, this is a psalm of praise. There comes a point in your life where petition prayer isn’t enough and at this moment I needed to praise him and praise him only. Praise gives me peace, maybe because I know at such big times in life it’s sort of scary asking for blessings, and even scarier telling God that His will be done. Yet I knew I had to go to Him, so I praised Him for what he has done and for what he will do.

Morning of June 27th came and we called in to see if they were ready for us, and they immediately said, “yes, we are ready for you guys come on over!” Adrian and I immediately turned to each other and he asked “Are they sure they don’t need more time to prepare?” On the way to the hospital, we held hands and drove under the most beautiful, crispy, sunny morning. I remember thinking, this is perfect, this is what I dared to pray for, and it was happening.

We arrived at the hospital at 9:00 am and the staff immediately began preparations. Mexico was playing South Korea that day, so we watched half of the game (no more comment on the game….) and went into surgery by 11:00 am. Adrian was by my side and I couldn’t feel anything ribs down. I could hear all the commotion, so it was sort of cool guessing what they were doing. Adrian and I sat there and talked about how bad Mexico was playing and wondering how the second half went. Miraculously (because life is a miracle), at 11:59 am we heard the first cry. Adrian caressed me and kissed me, and I cried okay I ugly cried. I was filled with the most unexplainable feeling, I was covered in a sensation of extreme joy. A joy that only a gift from God can give. Our baby was born, he was here and he was perfectly healthy and perfectly beautiful.

I have a whole new perspective on life after giving birth, a perspective that will help me value you and me a lot more—I am hungrier to defend life I am hungrier to live life. After my first pregnancy and my first born, I am fully convinced that YOU are here for a purpose YOU are not an accident YOU are worth it, and I pray my Santiago will come to know and live this.

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