The beauty of God

God is understanding.
God cares and He listens.
You matter.
You make a difference.
You are loved.
So much.

God speaks to us in several ways through several occasions. He speaks to us through the Bible, through other people, and through our hearts.  No matter where we are, who we encounter or what we think or decide to do, God is with us. God thinks highly of us too. God took the time to think about you, to create you. He took the time to create each and every one of us differently.

I recently was reminded that I was important and that I mattered to God, during a group meeting one morning. Who we genuinely are is who God wants us to be, and that’s what he wants from us. He wants us as we are. To give ourselves up for him as we are. He wants us to live authentically and genuinely, as we are. Don’t try to be anyone else when you were meant to be yourself. God didn’t make you to be like someone else, when you were specially made to be something bigger and better and holier.

I get caught up in life and in social media comparing myself and wanting to be like so and so or have something that someone else has and well I know now that we shouldn’t care about what others think of us or what we have or don’t have; rather we should care about what God thinks of us and do things that please God to get us closer to Him each day. 

There are Catholic-related things that I see and people that I follow on social media and in my daily life that make me want to be closer to God due to their devotion to Him. For example, I follow several Catholic pages on Instagram and 2 very devotional girls in particular that inspire me daily to be like them in the aspect of having a strong firm relationship with God, and that they’re not afraid to admit it. There are good things out there in social media that can lead us to better things. There are also apps that fill us in on Catholic goods! 

It’s also good to educate yourself about your faith to be able to stand firm in what you believe in. 

Start with this:
accept who you are
accept that you are meant to be here
accept that God loves you
accept that you are meant to be unique
accept that you can be holy
accept that you can be a saint.
accept that God loves you.

God is all around us and in us. If we accept to believe that, we will see life differently and more beautifully. The only thing we need is to love and be loved. 

Jennifer Baker – Writer, unparalleled love

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