Embracing the Mystery: The end to the beginning

We will close in this mystery of love. We close up after having reached great heights in the presence of God, and having reached the climax spiritual experience, the Eucharist.

Everything ends very quickly after sharing in communion. Once everyone has received communion, we finish up with the dismissal. Although it’s very short, it’s actually essential to wrap up the beautiful gift we’ve received (sort of like a beautiful ribbon on a priceless gift). So, next time you consider walking out of Mass right after communion—ponder on these next few points.

In the dismissal, the words the celebrant or deacon share are, “The Mass is ended, go in peace” or “Go in peace to love and serve the Lord”. Whichever the words chosen, there is one in common, GO! The ministers used as God’s tool throughout the Mass are kicking us out!! What a lack of hospitality right? Well, maybe haha but really it’s because the Mass isn’t some gift to be kept to ourselves—Mass, Missio, Mission. Now, the true mission begins. Sorry to tell you but Mass doesn’t end with the last hymn… Mass is continued in your daily life.

I also want to apologize for this quick realization that if you think you are fulfilling your role as a Christian by just attending Mass, you are living in a huge lie. The disciples received their nourishments only to GO out and make more disciples, not to go back home and live comfortably.

Guys, most people will never attend Mass, never hear the scripture, never receive the Eucharist, never partake in the powerful communion within a community… it’s your role to take Jesus to your own corner of the world. It’s your role to live out a living Eucharist; you are the beautiful monstrance holding Christ within you. If you do not live out your Missio, mission entrusted to you in Mass, than our faith as rich and powerful as it is, is dead. Paul will tell us straight up, “a faith without action is dead”.

Too many of us Catholics can get caught up in the checklist mentality, very similar to the Pharisees (ouch). So, let us be reawakened and challenged to take our Mass, Missio, Mission to the next level—transforming our lives and to hunger and to transform others in the love of Christ.

This concludes my series on the Embracing the Mystery. I definitely had so much fun in this series, but I also realized that I need to challenge myself more in partaking and living out the Mass. I pray we continue to journey together, so we can fulfill the Mission entrusted to us. I apologize if there were some topics I left unexplained fully or I wasn’t as clear as I should’ve been, but I’ll excuse myself with this beautiful quote:

If we really understood the Mass, we would die of joy. ~ Saint Jean Vianney 

“Jesus, keep us hungry, reveal to us only what you desire, and at your time. May the power of the Eucharist nourish me to take me beyond my dreams and fulfill the desires of my heart.” Amen

Joandra Mendoza – Writer, unparalleled love

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