The day I fell in love with you

What does it feel like to fall in love? What are the thoughts, the feelings, the ideas you have? Falling in love is a beautiful thing. And no matter how many times we fall in love, the thoughts and feelings are often the same. It’s just a wonderful experience.

The thing about love though is that as beautiful as it is, once you start trying to explain it or put the experience into words, you can’t. There’s just no formula that can fully explain what happens when we love or fall in love. Love, especially when it’s genuine and honest, is simply beyond our ability to express it in words.

We see it more than we know it. It’s in simple acts of generosity and kindness. Love shows itself in commitment, in patience, in kindness, in compassion, and in the sacrifices.

You see there is no scientific explanation for such acts of sacrifice and self-giving; just love. Love calculates neither risk nor cost; it simply gives, and when it has nothing more to give, it gives itself, wholly, completely, absolutely.

When we read what John 3, 16 says, For God so loved the world, he gave his only Son” from this perspective of love, the cross makes a lot of sense. It shows us the extent of what love can do. In fact, it shows us that love makes us forget ourselves and care more about the people we love.

Outside this explanation of love, the sacrifice of Jesus doesn’t make sense.  Without this kind of love in mind, the symbol that marks our churches and our homes, the crucifix – is completely ridiculous. It’s the image of a dead man nailed to a piece of wood.

I remember the day when I personally took the decision to let Christ into my heart as if it were today. There is nothing more inexplicable than His look when I let myself be found by His love and grace.

And although there are a thousand reasons to give up. There is no one else. He took everything, he took sadness, and there is no longer space for anxiety. Because by his side everything is more right, happier, more peaceful.

That’s why when people ask why do you serve Christ, all I can think of is: love. The only life formula that has worked for me is having Christ in my life and everything else comes in addition to it. Yes, everything!

Claudia Navichoque – Writer, unparalleled love

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