It’s Ok Mami

As parents, it is our role to teach life lessons to our children. We teach them everything, starting with potty training, brushing their teeth, how to pray, to teaching them good manners. At times, the roles reverse and our kids become the ones teaching us life lessons!

For me, it hasn’t been long since my son taught me a very valuable lesson at the most perfect timing.

For some time, I was running very low on patience with Max. Mornings would start with yelling and nights would end with some more yelling. This was happening at a time where there were many changes happening in our family. My husband started a night shift job, I returned to work from maternity leave, Max started extracurricular activities and our family was adjusting to a new family member, baby Luna.  I prayed to God to help me balance my new life, to help me find a routine where I would not lose my mind and to grant me patience, but most importantly to show me the way to express love in my new normal.

I was having a difficult time with Max. Poor baby, I was taking it out all on him and I knew it. I hated and regretted my actions instantly for acting unmotherly to him at his time of need just because I did not know how to keep myself together. Every time I would snap at my son and ask him to forgive me he would turn to me with a smile and say “it’s ok mami,” but when he accidentally spilled his drink, the last thing I would do is turn to him with a smile.  Many times Max replies to my apologies with “it’s ok mami” and many times I continued praying to God to help me because the guilt was big and I could not bear hurting my child anymore. It was not until one Monday afternoon, on our way to Taekwondo, when Max asked for his belt and I could not find it in the car. I told him that I was sorry but I must have forgotten it at home. To no surprise, Max said “oh mami, it’s ok. I love you.” This time it hit me, my son was the answer to my prayers. My son was teaching me to forgive. God was teaching me patience through my son, and He was teaching me love through Max.  

This made me think of the many times God had answered my prayers. Our relationship is personal and I giggle with him every time this happens because He knows how to get me every time. He is always talking to me through the people closest to me. I think what he wants me to say today is to keep your heart open and always, always ask, but be ready for any answer.

Jenyfer D. Navichoque – Writer, unparalleled love

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