Forbidden to be unhappy

I had such an eventful spring break this year. I had the opportunity to go back and visit Rome, Georgia; the place where I lived for 5 years before moving back to Texas, the place where I found God and the place where I found myself along with my still-to-date best friends.

I had such an eye-opening week. I was able to open up and get advice from my friends and talk to them about things I wouldn’t usually share, I was able to go out and spend fun and memorable times (including a photo shoot) and better yet, live part of a retreat. What I feel that I am missing here in Texas is a place of true belonging, a belonging like what I have in Rome. It may be because I don’t go out a lot and I don’t put myself in the position to be known and I don’t always take the initiative to saying hi first or joining groups and getting involved, possibly. I know that what I have in Rome and what I have been through will always be in my heart. I am forever blessed with the amazing friends I have made over the years. To be able to meet them, become friends and move away and still have a strong connection is something I cherish. I know I have the best of friends who are so genuine and loving. I loved the fact that it did not feel awkward when meeting with my friends whom I haven’t spoken too in a while. I was the happiest I’ve been in a long time, honestly. It was a trip well needed. One of the best parts of my trip was the opportunity to live a retreat. It felt so good to be back in retreat mode and see all the wonderful faces, those whom I used to see all the time when I assisted and participated in Mass before moving. I got to meet new people as well. The retreat was called “Siloam” which means “sent”, and a few points that helped me out the most were the following:

  • titles and recognition mean nothing. Having recognition and a bunch of accomplishments don’t make you a better person than those who don’t have. Remember to stay humble and that the most meaningful title is the one where you’re able to say “I am a child of God.”
  • do not conform to the opinions of others. If you want something and you believe you can achieve it, you’re halfway there. Jesus told the blind man that if he wanted to see again he needed to follow his instructions and get to the body of water where he will be washing and rinsing off the saliva and mud that was applied. The crazy thing is that Jesus could have healed him right then and there but he didn’t. He made the man have faith in the unknown. Faith is believing in what you can’t see and the crazy part is that when he arrived after a long rough path, the first thing he saw was his reflection for the first time. The journey wasn’t easy but he had faith in what he couldn’t see which was himself and in Jesus. 
  • lastly, know your worth. If you don’t know your worth or if you don’t know how important you are please believe me when I say “you are worth the blood of Christ.” Jesus doesn’t focus on your sins and he doesn’t evaluate everyone and categorizes, he loves and accepts everyone who is willing to accept him in their life and hearts. He thought about you during his final times. He loves you for you. Don’t forget that you’re worth the blood of Christ. 

I came back home feeling so loved, so changed and so motivated to keep growing as an individual, friend, and child of God. 

Remember to do what makes you happy, love more and forgive often.  

Remember to hug those you love a little tighter. 

Jennifer Baker – Writer, unparalleled love

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