Lent With My Love

Hi there!

I wanted to take a break from my birth story and write something relevant for this time of Lent.

I wanted to share with you all how my husband and I are sharing our Lent together. This year we wanted to approach LENT as a team. Each year we share each other’s resolutions, but this year aside from our own, we wanted to use the season to strengthen our relationship. Holding me accountable for another person has been challenging, but knowing that my husband is walking with me is beautiful. Lent is about setting a new path of life.

  1. Temporary abstinence:

Abner and I decided to take this time to engage in special spiritual discipline of augmented prayer. It is important that the decision to abstain from the conjugal act as a form of prayer and penance is taken mutually. There have been many benefits of temporary abstinence. The new ways we found to nurture each other with generosity, respect and I’m sure that along the way our communication and self-control will grow and strengthen.

“Do not refuse one another, except by mutual agreement, for a time, to apply yourselves to prayer; and then return again to one another, lest Satan tempt you for your incontinence “. (1 Corinthians 7:5)

  1. Meditative Reading:

Nor Abner or I are big readers. Since we’ve been married, I’ve never seen him read a book. He’ll say that I’m the reader and I read one book a year haha. With that being said I’ve challenged us to Meditative Reading. I picked a copy of Dr. Brant Pintre book “The Case of Jesus”. What a fascinating book! We are in the midst of finding who Jesus really is and the discovery of the Gospels. Our goal is to nourish our faith and open our heart to the spirit.

  1. Give Alms:

Imitating Jesus, our God, through self-giving. Giving back to those in need and help the poor. I will not share further details of our work, but here are some ideas if one day you would like to do the same. Substitute for someone’s holy hour, donate those barely worn shoes to the women’s shelter, volunteer as a couple at the soup kitchen, randomly choose a Gofund me account and donate. These are just some ways to help Jesus by helping others

  1. Serving in our Vocation

Ultimately serving him by loving each other as husband and wife. There’s no greater offering but to be a good marriage of Christ. It’s a sacrifice to be a good marriage every day!

Our goal is to grow closer to Christ and that is our ultimate goal.

Jenyfer D. Navichoque – Writer, unparalleled love




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