My second foot into the Journey – Pt. 2

This is the second part of the two main points that we need for an authentic Christian conversion and lifestyle. (Here is the link to the first part of the mini-series:

In previous my blog about faith, I stated that – “Faith is not a person, place, event, or period in time in which surrender and acceptance simply saying I have faith.  It’s also not a feeling, it cannot be measured by emotions and much less autosuggestion.  It’s a choice, a constant choice.”

Which now takes me to the next main point which is CONVERSION. Faith and conversion are associated because only the faith that is manifested in conversion is an authentic faith. Therefore, they go hand in hand.

St. Paul makes it clear to us in the Letter to the Romans- – Transform yourself by renewing your mind. So, with this in mind I want to focus on two points that we need in our daily conversion to make our faith come alive: change the negative or pessimistic idea we have about ourselves and change the idea that we have a God.

Changing the negative or pessimistic idea we have about ourselves can be challenging especially because not every day is our best day. We must know and believe every day that we are loved in a personal and unconditional way by God himself, that there’s nothing impossible in this world with Christ by your side, and that we are worthy of love and respect.

Changing the idea that we have of God is always very challenging in our daily lives because the world tells us otherwise. We must change our idea of God from being a God that punishes to a God who forgives; from a God who threatens to God that loves and from a God that judges to a God who is filled of mercy.

I know that these two points can and will always be very challenging simply because we are humans and we are in a society that always tells us differently. But if we want to really live an authentically happy life then we must modify our way of thinking. Without it, we can’t and will not have a conversion.

But I want to let you know that this doesn’t happen from one night to another or by a certain date. We need to have faith to be converted every day of our lives. This is God’s design to make you the best version of yourself. I personally struggle with these points every day because I’ve said – not every day is my best day, but I always choose the best version of myself, so it implies to practice love and appreciating what I don’t like about myself and not letting the world mold an image of who God is.

We are sons and daughters of a powerful, loveable, rich in mercy God. So, I want to challenge you in this Lenten season to practice faith that manifests in conversion.

Claudia Navichoque – Writer, unparalleled love

***resource that helped write this blog: Escuela de Evangelización San Andrés – Nueva Vida 

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