What would Jesus do?

I often find myself in situations or I see other things going on around me and I tend to ask myself “What would Jesus do?” It can be a tough question to ask and even try to answer. To me, it’s harder to answer that question the farther you are from him because you don’t know him very well. The more you know someone and recognize how they are and act, you are able to kind of put yourself in their shoes and figure out what that person is likely to do in a given situation. Same goes with Jesus. In order for you to know or have an idea of what He would do, you would need to get to know Him. Getting to know Him follows the same process as trying to get to know anyone else except the process may be a bit longer and because you’ll have to dig deeper. I have this bracelet that I bought myself a few weeks ago and I haven’t taken it off.  It just has “W.W.J.D” on it meaning “what would Jesus do” I love wearing it because not only does it look cool, it is a special reminder to me to think about and act how Jesus would in the same situation. It reminds me to act a little nicer or give a little more. It has helped me to think twice about how I answer to my parents or sister and just caring about myself. No, my life didn’t switch upside down and no I’m not perfect but I am becoming better. I am becoming a better person because I want to and because I love God. God helps me in so many situations at school, work and in my family.  He comes to my mind first and I just think about Him. He is the one I run to when I am my happiest and when I am feeling down. 


Today, many of you may know it is not only Valentine’s Day but most importantly the start of LENT. This is such a perfect time to set aside everything that is steering you away from the love of God including your temptations, negative people and the things of this world that influence you.


Take these next 40 days and truly start day by day getting to know God. The opportunities are endless. You could do something different every day or mix it up. Make this season a meaningful one not just by giving up candy or soft drinks but by really sacrificing something that you know will make a difference and an impact on your heart and relationship with God. After all, he did sacrifice his life for you. How will you give back?


Feel free to ask for ideas on what to do this lent to get closer to God and to and in some cases, be able to answer what Jesus would do in a certain situation. 


Jennifer Baker – Writer, unparalleled love

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