What’s the big deal?

“Dear young people, let us not be satisfied with a mediocre life. Be amazed by what is true and beautiful, what is of God!” –  Pope Francis

I don’t know about you but I ask a lot of questions, and by asking or looking I have found and learned many things. You may be thinking “duh that’s a no-brainer! Of course, if you’re looking for something you need to search around.” Well, see that’s how this whole idea of God (if you want to put it that way) works. He’s our answer!
Why is she so important?
Because she is how we know Jesus.
Why is Jesus so important?
Because He is how we know God.
Why is God so important?
Because He is how we know love.
Why is love so important?
Because it’s how we know happiness.
Without love, our happiness is not true happiness.
Without God, our love is not true love.
Without Jesus, our God is not the true God.
Without the Church, our Jesus is not the true Jesus.
Our faith is so beautiful that if we truly believe and let Him in our hearts, our life will completely change. This Sunday Advent begins and what better time to truly start seeking our God. The word Advent means ‘to come,’ and the Church, with great wisdom, nudges us with a ‘wake-up call’ to ensure that we are honest with our God and in a right relationship with Him. God is seeking you. Are you hiding from Him? If not, good. If so, stop. You have no reason to hide yourself from Him.
He loves us even more than we love ourselves, so let Him in. He’s coming back at some point. The fact is only scary if we’re not where we need to be in our relationship with God. Advent is a beautiful gift, so seek God and make the season one of depth and of honesty. Expose your soul before God and allow Him to love you for who you truly are: a sinner in need of His mercy; a work in progress.

Fabiola Navichoque – Writer, unparalled love

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