Love on the line

I work in home health care, and I have for almost 2 years now.  It is such a rewarding job, and I just love being able to take care, and give companionship to those who need it.

What I have observed from the families of those I care for is so much sacrifice, and so much dedication put forth for those they love. The families, usually a daughter or son of the elderly make several accommodations in their home. They are the most selfless people I’ve met.  It’s incredible what is done for the love of a loved one.

With love comes pain. Working in healthcare, I get first hand of love and pain. The pain comes from the hurt deep down in the heart from seeing their husband, wife, mom, dad or relative in the condition they’re in.  From the memory loss of their loved ones, to the sole dependence of them, love still keeps them together. Going to different homes, and seeing the same thing occur, lets me know that these people are not alone. This happens so much. You can hear the sadness in their voice and see it in their eyes that they lost a part of their loved ones.

One time a lady (the wife of a man I cared for) was telling me how devastating it was to see her husband in the condition he was in and how nothing was the same nor will it be and how much she missed traveling and going out with her husband.  She kept talking about how she felt and I was glad that I was there for her to get everything off her chest. One thing she told me that will not forget is “you are here right now in this moment because He wants you to be.” That spoke directly to me and spoke to her. I want you to know that if you’re going through some pain and hurt from a loved one going through a disease or illness that can’t be controlled or cured, and if you’re there helping and loving them, you are meant to be there.  You are meant to help others and sacrifice for others especially those closest to you.  I know it sounds kinda harsh, but it’s all part of God’s plan for you. This is what God has done for us, He has sacrificed so much for us all for the love of us. Even if we hurt, if we’re in pain and even if we forget him, He still loves us.  Working here has shown me firsthand what God has done through others and through me. 

I know that what I am doing, as my job is what I am supposed to do. I feel very good doing things for other people.

Before I finish this blog, I do want to say that you should love until it hurts. Do things for others. Be humble, don’t think less of yourself, just think of others more. Hug your friends tight and your family tighter. 

Jennifer Baker – Writer, unparalleled love

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