Prayer Makes Our Hearts Bigger


I sit here, in front of my computer, staring at my screen trying to think of what to write about for my blog. I wonder at times why it is so difficult to write about what God has done and is doing in my life. It seems as though nothing has changed in my life or nothing exciting has happened. But that’s not the reason I struggled writing the blog, it came down to not being close to God. It became difficult because it seemed as though I wasn’t putting God first and I was putting His things aside. I’ll admit, I’m not as close as I used to be with God, but we still have a good bond. This journey of faith is never ending. It is something that you have to keep working at and following forever, and that is beautiful.

The priests in Sunday’s Mass said: “the best way to get to God and to establish a strong relationship with him is through prayer.” It is what I needed to hear. It was a reminder to me that prayer, being an act so simple, can be the most meaningful to God. No matter the situation you are in, prayer is always necessary.  Sometimes you may think it is more useful in certain situations more than others, but prayer is a way to prove to God that whatever you experience or whatever you endure, you never forget to leave Him out of it.

An important message I want to say is that, if you feel as though you can no longer be on good terms with God once you fell off, you are wrong. I have always felt so unworthy of asking for God’s forgiveness and mercy after failing Him time after time, but God’s being is so loving and will always take you back into His arms. I will tell you one thing that I do not want you to forget, and that is, never get tired of talking and reaching out to God. God listens. He listens and he cares about you. Don’t think that He doesn’t hear you. He listens to every word.

Let God work in you. Trust in His word. Life becomes so much better when God becomes the center of it. It makes life more bearable and our relationships with others more joyful. “We love others best when we love God most.”

If you don’t know where to start on establishing a relationship with God, I’d say to start with just talking to him. Take some time, whether it be early in the morning before you go to bed or anytime in between, and make the sign of the cross, and talk from the heart. Just open up to Him, as you would to a friend. You can also read a bible verse or a passage from the Bible, reflect on that and talk to God about it. He talks to us through the Bible.

Don’t forget that God loves you. God understands that you will make mistakes and several of them. He’s okay with it, as long as you know that what you did was wrong and you confess it to Him to make sure you maintain that beautiful bond.

“When you really don’t want to pray, take that a sign that you really need to do so.” – Mark Hart

Jennifer Baker – Writer, unparalleled love

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