Embrace The Mystery

“I can be a good Catholic, and not go to Mass.”

“I can pray at home, I don’t need to go to Mass.”

Jesus spent his whole life telling us what to do for ourselves and how to love others… yet He only asked us to do ONE thing for Him—“This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me” Luke. 22:19. We can’t say we follow Jesus and not do what He says, right? We tend to pick and choose how we want to worship—does God desire our worship? Of course! Is it limited to one way? No! But is there a way God wishes to be worshiped? Yes, and that is in Mass when we find ourselves face to face with Christ. He literally asked that from us, so why is it questioned, not a priority, or not fully lived?

Well, there’s not one quick or easy answer. We can go back in history and “blame’ different scenarios, but that would be too easy. The reality is that we aren’t “embracing this mystery”. We tend to wash our hands and say “it’s a mystery” and we become lazy (spiritually) to embrace it, to live it, to truly encounter it; Him. Please don’t be too hard on yourself because a lot of this can come from a lack of understanding; why we do what we do, why we sit when we sit, why we respond certain things at certain times, etc.

I will be blogging on a series called “Embrace the Mystery”. This series will focus on the parts of the Mass and what they mean. They will slightly, but most definitely define the dogmatic reason, but elaborate more on why the certain part of the Mass is essential as a spiritual foundation; testimonial.

Jesus in John 6:56 states, “Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood abide in me and I in them”. A lot of followers left and rejected Christ after He said this to them. His disciples were there and I can just imagine the confusion going through their minds… because come on, they were human and they had just met this guy. Wouldn’t you be at odds? Jesus then asks them, “Do you also wish to go away?” The message of the Mass can be radical to many and seem completely unattainable to others, but the reality is this brothers and sisters, we are One in Him—His perfect sacrifice calls us into an intimacy so profound our human minds can’t fully comprehend.

We shouldn’t be intimidated by our lack of understanding, but fulfilled with an opportunity to grow in faith in the “food that doesn’t perish” because at the end of the day don’t we wish to respond to Jesus just as Peter did? “Where else should I go my Lord, if only You have words of eternal life?” If eternal life is your goal, then cling to Him like a baby to his mother. Because where else my Lord if not in your presence.

Joandra Ocampo – Writer, unparalleled love

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