Does a relationship with God matter?

I think somewhere along the way, we all lose sight of what matters. We take in the rhetoric of a world that tells us that He doesn’t exist and that prayer is empty. We pretend that it doesn’t affect us, but slowly we lose faith. Too often we want to play the part of the disciple, but we end up becoming a Pharisee. We look and act the part, but our heart is far from God. We start to see God as a moral philosopher rather than a merciful and loving father. We view Him as a life enhancer, rather than a life changer. We become more concerned about the relationships that surround us rather than the One who created us! 

I feel that a lot of people view God/faith as something that places outdated rules on you, and most certainty as something that isn’t worth all the hassle. We’re made to be free, but yet we go back to what ties us down: sin. The reality is the opposite, faith is trusting God with your whole life. We are made free when we surrender to Him –  free from sin. See, faith is not only when we are “winning” – which is where we feel that can do without Him, faith is also for the times when we feel lost, when we suffer, when are persecuted and when the world seems to turn against us. It is moments like this that remind us that a relationship with Him, through the good and the bad, is necessary.  

Our relationship with God connects us with the origin of our life and the meaning of where we are going. A relationship with God will help us make sense of ourselves. He wants us to live life to its fullest potential, so let’s reset our priorities and let’s go back to our roots. Life can be complicated, but loving God is simple. There’s no need for the likes, God’s love for you is too great to be counted. Love the person you are, the person God made you to be. Pray and talk to Him. Prayer is returning to His arms, the place where we were created to rest. A simple life is one where all that we do is for the greater glory of God. 

At the end, in Heaven, we look forward to a face-to-face relationship with God for all eternity. That relationship is what brings us to true and complete happiness. How awesome is it to have the opportunity to live in that love while we’re still on Earth?! 

So, does a relationship with God matter??? 

“Be not afraid…” Pope Benedict XVI

Fabiola Navichoque – Writer, unparalleled love

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