Life Is A Blessing 

Pictures by Luis Martinez

Life is full of blessings, and sometimes it catches us by surprise.
God does things for a special reason and that’s what he wants us to realize.

At times, things may not be going the way we planned

And our life keeps getting harder to withstand,

But God wants us to know that he has never left our side

And wants us to trust in Him and use Him as our guide.

God doesn’t take anything away from us to leave us with less

Rather He takes things away, for us to receive more of his endless caress.

God wants us to recognize that this life is a beautiful blessing

And behind those blessings is God confessing.

God doesn’t compare us nor our achievements to others

He made us each unique, different from our sisters and brothers.

The suffering we go through

Will pay off, as we work to become brand-new.

God catches us when we fall,

And he is the one who protects us, above all.

To leave everything we have and to follow Him,

Will change our life and seem not so dim.

It may not always be rainbows and sunshine

But the reward awaiting us at the end is so divine.

So I challenge you to begin to put God first.

It’s hard but the change will be something you don’t want to get reversed.

Love one another as Jesus has loved you.

Be faithful and always stay true

To your heart, for all that you do comes from it.

This next step in your life will be worth everything, don’t be afraid to commit.

Jennifer Baker – Writer, unparalleled love

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