Your Grace is Enough


We live in the world, and the real world is messy. It is broken, but not without grace. God’s grace and glory still shines through the places where the real world is cracked and bleeding. If our eyes are only fixed on the places we expect to see miracles, we will miss the full potential of God’s grace.

The story of the paralyzed man got me thinking that the man might have been a little hesitant when his friends suggested they resort to getting on the roof. Although he was paralyzed, he still had pride and such a desperate measure of breaking through a roof that that may have stirred up a feeling of humiliation regarding his condition. Yet, that paralyzed man had faith and humbly allowed his friends to carry him and then was helplessly suspended down in front of a large crowd to the feet of Jesus.

WOW. We have access to that kind of miracle and soul restoration at just about any time, but we have to put our pride aside and go seek Jesus. It is in confession where we do the same thing; we surrender our pride, claim our sins and beg for God’s forgiveness. Through the priest, Jesus works that miracle of removing our sins and returning our souls clean and new. This perspective has consequently caused a radical change in how I view confession. Yes, it’s still uncomfortable but it is a miracle that God desperately wants to give me and one I can no longer overlook. The beautiful thing about God is that He never sees us as something broken, but always as something worth fixing. His grace runs so deep.

So pray for the grace to help you endure or undertake something rather than simply praying for its outcome. For example, if you are dealing with a situation that is unlikely to change soon, you can pray to bear that time with more grace. Ask for patience, courage, hope or freedom – anything you need that will help you to be a more loving person during your situation and to learn from what you’re experiencing.

Keep on choosing life-giving thoughts and keep persisting in prayer, holding on to the voice of Christ. His voice is the storyline that is hopeful and triumphant even if you don’t have the next chapter figured out.

Be joyful! Because joy is not a feeling, it is not happiness or an emotion that comes and goes. Joy is a permanent disposition of the heart that belongs to Christ.

We are called to push ourselves to the point of complete vulnerability in our faith and relationship with God. The idea of that used to scare me; ok, it sometimes still scares me! Then, I start to reflect on the aspects of my life that brought me the most joy and peace. I realized they were all times when God called me to take a risk and to trust in Him, in which it was only done through His grace.

There are moments when we have no clue where God is going to take us. We must breathe and pray for grace as we move from moment to moment and we must let God pull us out of our comfort zones, and He will show us that with Him we are strong, brave, good, worthy and holy enough.

…Grace is God’s life in us!

“Everything is grace” -St. Therese of Lisieux

Fabiola Navichoque – Writer, unparalleled love

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