Top 10 Pregnancy Must-Haves

Sharing with you all my Pregnancy Must-Haves. I used most of these with my first and have found them very useful that I brought them back for my second go round. These items have definitely helped me enjoy my pregnancy and sure made the 9 months much easier.19449426_10156431344313747_1109832345_o

  1. Zantac. My go-to heartburn remedy; I thought I had it bad with my first but Tum Tum’s couldn’t save this one. Instant relieve after 30 minutes of taking one or you can take before and will work wonders. I do use the maximum strength ( approved by my doctor) 
  2. Stretch Mark Products. Stretch marks are one of those things where you get them or you don’t, a lot of it has to do with genetics. If I get them well, oh well! But, I will do what I can to prevent them. I mix the Bio Oil and Cocoa Butter after each shower and any other time when I feel like it. I used the same routine for my first and no stretch marks so far!
  3. Body Pillow. Sleeping just isn’t a glamorous thing anymore, but with this humongous pillow, it provides support for this ever growing belly. It’s huge and my husband hates it lol, but it’s 100% worth every inch of space it takes up.
  4. Maternity Jeans. I could only do the hair bow hack for the first 3 months until I got uncomfortably big.  Maternity stores can be quite expensive, So when I saw Ross had a maternity section, I found and purchased two pairs of jeans. They couldn’t be more than $20.00 each. 
  5. Birthing Ball. This is a new one I added! I have been dealing with lower back pain and buttock pain on my right side. I do exercises on the birth ball to reduce some of the pain. It surely makes it easier to move around.
  6. Gummy Flintstones. I’m a gummy girl and as embarrassing as it is, my three year old keeps me on check. I don’t do prenatal vitamins because I get very nauseated by them because of the high iron dosage, so my doctor recommended that I take the Flintstone gummies/chewable.
  7. Belly support belt. I used this during my first pregnancy and I brought it out just a few weeks ago. I don’t use it every day, only when I know I will be having a heavy/long day. It relieves your lower back and baby bump during activities, which the biggest for me. It decreases pelvic pain.
  8. Comfy Bra. A couple of sports bra or comfy cotton bra without the underwire will give you the best gentle support for pregnancy tender breast.
  9. Pregnancy app. I use BabyBump (free app). It’s easy to use, keeps me updated on my baby’s developments and gives me daily tips as well!
  10. Shoulder Length Haircut. I did it! Never thought I would cut my hair short, I was an extensions girl. I surprisingly love it. It’s so chic and quick to style, which is why I decided to chop my locks. I just didn’t have time to maintain.

These are my top 10 must haves for all three trimesters that I honestly could not do pregnancy without.

See anything I missed? What were yours?

Jenyfer D. Navichoque – Writer, unparalleled love


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