Simply Irreplaceable


A friend is a friend at all times,
and a brother is born for the time of adversity. // Proverbs 17,17


There are friends who are simply irreplaceable in our lives, some are sisters of blood and others are sisters of the soul and no matter how far they are or how long their occupations take, they will never cease to be some of the most important people in your life.

I have been blessed to meet these friends with whom I share love and a special connection. With them, I have seen the beauty and the ugliness of this life. We have learned so much from each other, which has made our friendship into a small family. In 2 years we will have celebrated a decade of sharing laughter, tears, happiness, fights, achievements and much more. Of course, there have been a few lovely people that have come into our lives and joined this connection we share.

The bond we share is profound

We are bonded in a special way and there’s nothing that can really separate us.

We are and always will be our own fans 


The support for each other to achieve our goals is unconditional. 

Honesty is essential 

We say to ourselves what no one else dares to say because we know that it’s the best thing. It doesn’t matter if we get angry. For us, the well-being of each one is more important.

Neither time nor responsibilities of everyone can end our friendship 

Although our schedules are super filled with work or family responsibilities we always manage to be part of each other’s lives.   

We have spent so many years together, we know us very well 

The good things, the bad things, those embarrassing photos, up to what we do not like to eat. It seems as if we had been together since the beginning of time. 

Have managed to stick together in the most difficult life stages of our life

Always next to each other. 

It doesn’t matter if we are talking or if we are in silence, there is never anything uncomfortable between us 


There’s no uncomfortable silence or the need to fill every moment with words. Sometimes we only look at each other and smile because we know exactly what we are thinking. 

We give each other a hand when we feel like giving up 

With advice, prayer, and care we are always there to lift each other up when we can no longer continue.

No one will be so entertaining for us as us

Our friendship is unconditional and even while we spend time doing nothing just by simply being there and laughing at all of our inside jokes that only we will understand.  

Our friendship goes beyond… 

Beyond a social commitment to be better friends, it is an everlasting commitment to take each other mutually to the feet of our Savior, Jesus.


No matter where we go, the years that pass or if someday we physically have to separate and head our separate ways, we know that we will continue to be as unconditional as always and I have nothing left more than thank you all for so much. I have the best friends on the planet, my patojas!

Claudia Navichoque – Writer, unparalleled love

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