Why I have said “yes” to marriage.

Wow, it has been a tremendous journey! I am convinced God has intervened many times in order for us to take this step at this particular moment. It’s interesting how many times we tend to want to place our own plans at our own time, but God with His love kept settling me down and telling me, “Jojo I got this I know what your heart desires, but all in my time I know what I am doing.” It took me FOREVER to realize He was building up a stronger Adrian and a stronger Jojo… but eventually I realized it, and today I can say “yes” to love; in a way I would’ve never been able to on my time. 

I can say yes to marriage because I can sacrifice.

Sacrifice is such an intense word, and it’s a sad misconception that “sacrifice” be used in a negative connotation. Love is not a feeling it’s a decision, I hear this so much and I can’t stress to you how much that has helped me say yes. So, when I decide to love I decide to sacrifice many temporal satisfactions and want to get to the bigger picture. I understand that nothing worthwhile is created upon an unstable surface. When Adrian and I realized that we were going to have to sacrifice many things in order to build a firm foundation, we cried, we fought, we doubted, BUT because love isn’t a feeling we decided to love despite the sacrifices. Now, I look back and the many times we had to cancel our plans, the many weeks apart, and the obstacles we had to face, now make sense. God was making sure we were able to love through sacrifice. I am blessed enough to have people in my life who kept me from taking the easy way out, and trust me there was more than once that I almost took it… these people kept me understanding that true love is built on sacrifice.

I can say yes to marriage because I believe in the power of love.

I cannot tell you how many people have tried to discourage us from getting married. A ton of couples express to us the negativity and the difficulties of marriage. Although we don’t take any advice lightly, we have had many years to talk through many things. We are aware we won’t be able to predict the Goliaths that will head our way, but one thing stays constant:  We believe that in Christ, who is Love, we will be victorious. One thing we’ve promised to each other is to never let go of Christ, the only constant force acting upon us. It is our desire to please Him and to make known that true love is alive and possible to live. I know this may come off as super corny, but in reality Christ is a romance, and now we wish to live this romance as a couple. We are saying yes to love, not because we wish upon a fairytale, but because He first loved us. Now, we are responding to His love through the mysterious, beautiful, ever-lasting, commitment of Holy Matrimony.

Joandra Ocampo – Writer, unparalleled love

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