Tips For Greater Love



In this precious season, we encourage you to find the great things the Lord has for each one of you, the awesome life He has created for you and me to love and be merciful.

This idea applies to us every day of our lives in which is particularly important during this season of Lent. It’s not just about giving up something because the church says but it’s about the posture of hearts in which we find the true meaning of His passion, death, and resurrection. With this in mind, we wish to give you a Wednesday to reflect on what has helped us, to truly live this time… to help a little part of the ugly of us die and therefore rise on Easter as a better person in Christ.

Here are some of our TIPS to be faithful committed to a relationship with God:

  1. Assist confession
  2. Receive communion
  3. Make more use of your time
  4. Memorize a Catholic prayer
  5. Do something for someone else
  6. More prayer time
  7. Read a good book
  8. Challenge yourself
  9. Be joyful
  10. Do everything with importance
  11. Practice patience
  12. Stay humble
  13. Grow intimacy with the Eucharist

 Happy Lent friends, we hope this lent you can find the courage to enter the desert of your heart with God and see what He desires for you.

– unparalleled love team


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