Deeper Meaning


Lent is all about prayer, sacrifice, fasting and almsgiving, right?

While all of this is true, let’s not forget one of the most important points here, the deeper meaning of Lent which is developing a greater bond with Jesus.

Well, see, most of us get caught up in thoughts about ourselves and the sacrifices we are going to make and making sure we abide.

While focusing on ourselves and the rest, Jesus is just waiting patiently and wondering, “When are they going to spend more quality time with Me?”

Lent is not about me, not about you.
It is not about what I give up or the sacrifices we are going to make.
It is about Jesus and drawing closer to His heart.
It is about learning how to walk in His love and mercy.

It is about finding inspiration in this meaningful story of love and understand what we need to do to be authentically happy and have everlasting life.
It is about sincere conversion.
It is about us looking at our neighbor and seeing Jesus within them.
It is about bowing down in prayer and adoration knowing that we are simply nothing without him.

We are asked to sacrifice some of our regular comforts during Lent, but it’s only so that we can be filled up with His love and grace.

Lent is the time in which we are called out of ourselves so we can draw deeper into Him.

And remember the foundation of everything is the Scriptures, which we are invited to hear and contemplate more profoundly on.

So, I want to challenge you to look at your life and find areas in your heart that need more of Jesus.

Find a purpose to your sacrifices.

“Conversion can’t be reduced to exterior forms or vague resolutions, but involves and transforms one’s entire existence, starting with the center of the person, the conscience.” – Pope Francis

Claudia Navichoque – Writer, unparalleled love




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