I Refuse To Conform

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia

Liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, progressivists, traditionalists– all these titles. Titles that tend to identify a certain person, and it automatically suggests a certain way of thinking and living of that particular person. Once a person identifies with one of these titles, they become part of a community that thinks like them and consequentially moving away from the opposing party.

Why has this developed? Why do we need to limit our being to a title? Why is that we must fit into a mold set by an ideology? Why must we close ourselves to being identified with a title acceptable or unacceptable to society? Why must we let society tell us exactly how we must feel? Why do we feel the need to set barriers?

All this is answered in Paul’s word to the Romans, “Do not conform yourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and pleasing and perfect.”

God has given us the titles of daughters and sons of Christ, and there is absolutely no earthly ideology or political perspective that could ever cover that entity. So, why all the chaos? Why do we continuously become guinea pigs of the egoism of the powerful of this world? Paul’s words speak to me deeply. Many times I have struggled to understand, who am I in society? What do I bring to the table? And in my search, I have not found an answer, and that is because I refuse to conform. I refuse to conform to a vision set forth by men. This limits my love, this limits my tolerance, and this limits my mercy. I refuse to call myself anything other than a Christian. Does this mean I don’t partake in social issues and go on with my life? No, this just means that there is no way I can be identified by other than the path Christ shows me. I will tell you, my brothers and sisters, Jesus is not of one party he is the Christ of all… whether you like it or not.

My challenge to you is to become free from the titles society wants to place on your shoulders and live radically. If you want to meet a radical person, get to know Jesus. The far-reaching of Jesus’ way of life has no space for picking a “side”. To live radically is to exhaust yourself to take the intact Gospel into places where it is not accepted. To live radically is to love deeply even when it makes absolutely no sense, I mean the Cross—can it get more radical? To live radically is to speak for the voiceless. To live radically you must place others before yourself. That’s the challenge, and well it’s not an easy one.

But today, Paul’s words resonate in my soul and I to refuse to conform, do you?

Joandra Ocampo – Writer, unparalleled love

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