Witness of Silence

Antigua, Guatemala

     In life, we tend to want to know everything. From the beginning to the very end, and in between we want to know all the details. It’s difficult to accept and realize that life doesn’t work that way. In the midst of silence in our lives is where we come to know our true selves. Through the mystery of silence, we come to understand the journey of our walk with God. It is where the Lord gives us the grace to love the silence. 

     This past month I have been reading an amazing book (The Silence of Mary by Father Ignacio Larrañaga, which I definitely recommend). I have spent much time reading, and as I was reading God seemed to jump off the pages and into my soul in a new way that I had never experienced. God was speaking directly to my heart. He was answering very clearly a great deal of questions I have been having in my life. He told me many things: happy and sad, beautiful and ugly, calming and unsettling. My head was going in all directions. 

     I began to discover how much control I have over my spiritual life. Every day, I have a choice, I can choose to give God my full attention or I can allow myself to be overcome by the hassles of life. I pray that every time I will always choose Him, no matter where He wants to take me. I surrender my complete self. In this book, God is teaching me the basic lesson once again: He is here. He wants my heart, and He wants so much more. 

    God speaks in the silence of our hearts, we just need to listen to Him. I pray that within the silence I can be like Mary when she was confronted with events or circumstances she did not understand. She dealt with them in silence, taking them to God and letting Him sort it out. Silence with God draws us close to Him and reveals what we don’t understand. 

    I invite you to bring it all to God, surrender it all – He’ll take you places you’ve never been before – it’s amazing. 

“Never is communication so profound as when nothing is said, and never is silence so eloquent as when nothing is communicated.” Father Ignacio Larrañaga 

Fabiola Navichoque – Writer, unparalleled love

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