Why I Believe & You Should Too

16244121_10211515201344998_705681177_nSt. Thomas Aquinas // Faith has to do with things that are not seen and hope with things that are not at hand. 

How can you believe?

I cannot stress to you how many times I get asked this question.

And all I’m left with is “How can you not?”

See, my belief doesn’t come from a place of fear, tradition, comfort zone, feelings or an ideology; just to make myself feel a little better when something goes wrong.

It comes from a place of faith, of knowing that while there is so much going on, I will always have someone there for me because if there’s one thing that God cannot do it is to stop loving you and to stop loving me.

This doesn’t mean my problems are nonexistent or that there’s no evil in this world, it simply means that through my faith, I know that no matter the situation, I can get through it.

I’ve felt like I’m drowning, I’ve felt self-sufficient, I’ve felt so many things…

But God knew what I needed; he knew that I need to be convinced of my faith, my beliefs! So throughout time he has put awesome people who have formed me through my Church’s teachings, they gave me something bigger than myself to believe in.

I believe because He loved me even when I couldn’t love myself.

I believe because it is more than a belief to me, it is an experience.

I believe because it’s the most real thing I have in my life.

I believe because through him I can do it all.

I believe because my faith is so much bigger than my fears, my feelings!

I believe because I am not afraid to have faith in something I cannot touch, see, or feel all the time.

So let’s stop being just a nominal Catholic, let’s be a convinced Catholic.

A Catholic that is not only moved by feelings or traditions but by a real experience with Christ that makes others fall in love with the Catholic faith.

Let everyone you encounter ask the same question, how can you not believe?

Envision yourself being so bold with your faith that you lead others to a real experience with Christ.

It’s possible, all of that can really happen.

That’s why I believe.

Claudia Navichoque – Writer, unparalleled love

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