Unbreakable Bond

“My siblings are my best friends.” – America Ferrera

Yes sometimes I do complain about being the middle child, but now that I’m older I can say it has been the biggest blessing. Hmm, Did I just say the biggest blessing? In fact, I did! You see being the middle child is a challenge because well, you are an older sibling but you are also a younger sibling… see it’s complicated. With all of that in mind, I want to introduce my older brother Abner. He’s a goofball but yet the most inspiring person I have in my life. He always tells me to fight for what I want and to follow my dreams. And there is my little sister Fabiola, the most reserved person I know but with a heart capable of loving to the extremes. What’s different about our relationship as siblings is that we are all just one year apart, literally! Starting at 24, 23 and 22. Growing a sibling relationship was easy but growing a friendship was easier for us. Growing up all we had was each other, so we had no other than to play with one another. I remember playing cars with my brother and him playing school with Fabiola and me. It was always a win-win situation. One of my earliest memories of us is pouring sugar all over dinner without mom noticing. Together we went from one country to another. We learned a new language. We were our own cheerleaders in school. We have lots of great stories together. Nowadays, everyone seems to have those relationship/friendship goals. For me, it was about having lots of friends and always having someone there for when I most needed it. In my case, it has always been there but I never took advantage of it. It’s like you can’t see what’s before your eyes until you really need it or something happens. With Abner and Fabiola, I have learned that we all have flaws but with love you can see passed them, I’ve learned the true meaning of forgiveness… even when you see others hurting especially someone you love dearly. I have learned the true meaning of sibling bond. A bond that cannot be broken when it’s held by the hand of our Savior. I have to say that we obviously have lots of things in common, but there’s one in specific which is, loving and worshipping our God. The one who, by the power of the Holy Spirit, has transformed our household. And only with him we can do it all.

So take advantage of your siblings! Make them a part of your circle of friends. That’s always been the best blessing!

Claudia Navichoque – Writer, unparalleled love

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