The Limit of Love

“The limit of love, is to love without limits.” St. Augustine

14081310_10209739837470614_1681343348_nAt 23, I have been able to witness love. I have found unconditional love in my mom and dad, an inseparable love in two brothers, a constant love in friends, the maternal love in my Catholic church, and the visible and invisible love of my God, whom is my most important treasure. But today I want to focus in on one specific way I’ve witnessed love: in Adrian.

No one can fully understand love. No one can measure it and can it really be measured? God has let me love—love in a way in which it’s hard to believe I am worthy to love. This reality he has so graciously let me witness fills me with joy, peace, and hope.

Adrian and I have had a journey of lights and shadows. Today, lots of people ask us how we are always so happy, but what they don’t know is that it has taken a lot from the both of us 14137907_10209739837870624_114352679_nto get where we are today. It took the initiative to make a decision. A decision tons of people are scared of: to sacrifice and to commit. Our relationship definitely did not start off in the correct or healthy way. We were a couple full of pride and all we really wanted from each other was that “idea” of having a girl/boyfriend. Well, the pride plus all of our own baggage: insecurities based-off our past, selfishness and much more. After many beginnings and ends, now with God in our hearts, we decided to change or to leave it at that and to each his own path.

In that moment, I decided to love him—I decided to live a relationship that is healthy for the soul. I decided to commit to be the girlfriend he deserves. I simply and extraordinarily committed to love. That same day he made the decision to love and let himself be loved… that day sitting in front of Jesus in the Holy Sacrament, crying and asking him to rescue us if it was His will. That day marked the beginning of the relationship I had always dreamed of and much more.

14123496_10209739837430613_2048199329_oNow, a few years after the decision we are still loving as best we can! Obviously we are far from a holy relationship but the fight is being fought. We support our dreams, we respect, we prioritize, we value, we communicate, and much more.

Friend, I invite you to take a step towards love if that’s what you want. Don’t drown yourself in a relationship that has no authentic vision of love. Yes, you may have to sacrifice. Feminism being so alive and going, this may be confused with being submissive, but actually it’s quite the opposite. When you decide to love without limits, that fills you with freedom, dignity, and clarity. I am not walking blinded towards a chic flick, imaginary fairytale, and superficial type of love. I am walking with He who is Love along with Adrian, and He who is love is a reality not fanaticism. Walking with Him does not let you lose sight of the dignity given to you as son or daughter of the King.

14101700_10209739838070629_2069507725_nLet’s love- let’s love with sacrifice and commitment. This way we can build a person at a time a society founded on a reality much bigger than you and I—on love! 

I take this moment to give a shout-out to Adrian, thank you!! Thank you for walking with me and discovering the will of the Father by my side. I couldn’t have asked for a better person for me if I tried! TE AMO!

In conclusion, pray for us and for all the couples in relationships!


Joandra Ocampo – Writer, unparalleled love

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