The Best Seller


What’s a story worth telling without a good fundamental base? I believe in a certainty that life is worth living. As a Catholic, when I do the sign of the cross I’m setting my worth to society which is much more than the price tag that it’ll give me.

Completely surrendering myself to the one and only will allow him to write a best seller. Allowing him to enter into my life is all for the greater glory, the life everlasting.

I want to act like him, love like him, think like him, do all things like him. But how do I do that? Trusting him! Let it not be you acting, loving, and thinking. Surrender your complete self, and he’ll write the story, the song, the melody. The best thing that will ever happen to us is completely trusting him. Let life dance to the beat of his mercy. Let your life testimony become musically satisfying to the ears of others.

He promised us that we will never be alone, he sent us the Holy Spirit, the giver of life, who guides us and protects us. Let him do the navigating. With him leading the way, you’ll know he’s writing poetically and truthfully and it’ll lead us closer to the only we goal we strive for: becoming saints.

There’s only one thing that matters in this life. So let His will become yours. Let Him write the best seller with you. Our fundamental base is Him. That’s all there is to it.

“He wants you entirely for Himself, He wants you to place all your trust and all your affection in Him alone and it is precisely for this reason that He send you this spiritual aridity, to unite you more closely to Him.” (7/14/1914) Padre Pio

Thank you Jesus for the love you have for me
And forever I will trust in you.
Fabiola Navichoque – Writer, unparalleled love


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