A letter to my husband – On Our Three Years

Today is my husband’s and I third-year anniversary and in celebration, I wanted to take this blog post Wednesday to write to my love.


Three years ago we became husband and wife. Can you believe it’s only been three years!? I definitely feel like we’ve been together longer. We married so young and we’ve watched each other grow out of our teenage years to commit ourselves to a forever lasting marriage. I think we’ve done a great job with taking care of one another, but it hasn’t been easy. We have done the ugly to each other. Where I have wanted to call it quits or when you have made it to your car with your luggage. I know looking back it looks silly and childish but those moments were so real and needed for us to grow stronger. It hasn’t all been picture perfect, but we didn’t let go. We stopped dragging each other down and gave each other space to breathe and of course being in union with God gave us the spiritual strength to surpass these drowning moments in our marriage. We learned to fight with each other and let our prideful selves forgive. The reality is that true love is more than cuddles, kisses, showers together, back scratches it’s beyond all of that. True love is all about forgiving, communicating, trusting, listening and geez so much more. True love is about forgiving each other’s mistakes, it’s about looking over you not throwing the trash away on Friday mornings, throwing your clothes outside the dirty laundry bin, leaving your dirty boots on the kitchen floor, asking every morning if I’ve seen your hat or wallet, leaving piles of clothes on every room corner. Loving you is loving your flaws, loving you is loving you unconditionally through the good times and the bad. Thank you, for loving me the same way. Thank you for accepting me because I sure wasn’t the shiniest diamond when you picked me up, thank you for not questioning my past and for teaching me that I was ok to be loved. Thank you for being my #1 fan, thank you for being tough on me, thank you for making it easier on me when life gets tough. I couldn’t see myself with anyone else than with you, you’re my best friend and what I’m trying to say here is cheers to our true love! To the most perfectly imperfect marriage. Until death do us part and to the greatest three-year slumber party!

I love you always,
Your wife, Jenyfer
Where are my flowers??!!

“I always give this advice to newlyweds: ‘Argue as much as you want. If the plates fly, let them. But never end the day without making peace. Never!” –Pope Francis


Jenyfer D. Navichoque – unparalleled love, Writer

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