Road Trip 

On my way from a lovely family vacation, we were on the road back home, We were driving down the highway as a song by Stevie wonder, “Once in my Life” came on. As I was listening to it, all I could think of was when I had my encounter with Jesus.

 The song talks about for once in my life I found someone who loves, who cares, who needs me and I need them. Of course, the song doesn’t talk about Jesus, but that’s all I could think of. I took the lyrics in a whole different game plan.

The song was confirming my love and gratitude towards Jesus and His love, His care for me, but also knowing that He needs me, you, us to do what he does with us, love and care for others. As one of our commandments says, “You shall love others as you love yourself” And if I’m receiving Jesus’ love and care, I will love myself and by loving myself I will love you!

Through the song, I was experiencing his love in a totally new way. Like I always say, he has funny ways of showing his love for his children, he knows us. He definitely knew how he could talk to me clearly, through music! Since the song played, I experience the road trip back home differently. We made a few pit stops to refuel and stretch. And so I took the stops and re-filling with a whole different meaning. In our spiritual lives, we need to make pit stops to refuel with confession and the Eucharist. To stretch our love with our neighbor. Our road trip to heaven will consist of many pit stops and knowing what awaits… makes it totally worth it! Guys he loves you, He’s worth everything! For once in my life since the moment I opened up to him, I know that I’m loved, that I’m cared for! I know for fact that it’s not easy to follow this path but you can do it through his love and mercy!

Fabiola Navichoque – Writer, unparalleled love

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