Finding Myself As I Find Him

I’m 23, and I haven’t found my soulmate
But that’s totally OK.

I work a full-time job, I’m independent with lots of projects yet to accomplish, but I’m also “forever” single.

Sure, I’ve had short relationships, summer flings, and flirty friendships, I just haven’t quite found “the one” who I’ve had enough interest to go on endless dates with and to completely fall head over heels for.

I’ve heard it all! I have heard things such as:
“Oh honey, you just need to step it down a little”,
“You just intimated them”,
“I don’t know how you’re single”,
“You would make a wonderful girlfriend”,
It takes all of me to just smile and not say anything while having an inner self-talk, “Omg, thanks for letting me know, I haven’t thought about the million reasons why I’m single.”

For the longest time, I tried to find the answers to my questions – why am I still single? Or more like, what’s wrong with me? Am I really going to be single forever? Why can’t I have a long-lasting relationship? There must be something wrong with me or something that I do.

I’ve come to realize that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me. I am single for a REASON. I’m not done figuring out the reasons and I’m not done looking.

Once I realized that there was a reason, I stopped worrying about it and took time to get to know myself. I’ve had time to understand that I don’t need a relationship to survive. Yes, it would be nice to have someone to share my everyday life with, but when I find him (if I do), I know I will stay with him because I want him in my life and not because I need someone.

So if you are single now, use this time wisely and figure yourself out.

As a twenty-something Catholic believer, I’m called to discern ALL vocations (marriage, single, or consecrated life). While I’m still in prayer for my vocation, I still remember having my perfect man wish list, which some are: taller than me, dark complex, FC Barcelona lover, funny, and spontaneous very spontaneous! But within time, I have shortened it to one thing … Someone who is completely in love with God!

With all that said, don’t let society bully you just because you are twenty-something and single. That’s not a sin or a terminal disease, I promise, you will survive!!!! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, you’re not odd or strange, and you are not forever single as you may think sometimes. I’m just waiting for my Prince Charming! Yeah, fairy tales still exist, I’m surrounded by them.

Know that there’s someone or something out there waiting for you. Maybe being single is just preparing you for that someone.

Meanwhile, I’ll be waiting for my own fairytale… 

“Do not forget that true love sets no conditions; it does not calculate or complain, but simply loves.” – Saint John Paul the Great

Claudia Navichoque – Writer, unparalleled love

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