make me humble like You

Throughout life I have always heard “you should always be humble” but I didn’t really understand what it really meant to be humble. I had noticed that in the eyes of the “world” if you are humble you are poor or come from a poor background. Many people have always told me I should be more humble… So for a while, I had misunderstood the definition of humbleness. I thought it was seen through what you wore or how you talked. At one point, I was scared to buy name brand clothing, shoes, smartphones, or dressing a specific way– even talking a certain way because I didn’t want to appear arrogant.

This definition caused great confusion in me. I felt as if I wasn’t being true to myself. All this confusion lead to a time in my life where I didn’t really want to follow Jesus. I was at lost with my own identity. Even though I was surrounded by the best support system my family and friends, the feeling of confusion and many other things lead me to feel lonely. I was full of these emotions, yet deep down I knew I didn’t want to let go of Jesus. I prayed. I especially focused on asking him to show me the road to humbleness.

Time passed and I was still having the continuous internal fight within me: was I being humble or not? But God through people and my personal spiritual growth taught me that being humble was never about your exterior appearance but what’s in your thoughts and heart. Being humble is not about how much your paycheck is, how many pairs of shoes you own, or even the way you speak, it’s about imitating Jesus through your actions and feelings. Accepting Jesus in your heart and recognizing that we need of Him. This is where we should always start if you are searching to live in a humble way. Imitating Jesus has also to do with accepting yourself as to who you are.

I have come to accept myself with my virtues and flaws (lots of them by the way). Accepting my love for all kinds of new fashion trends and music, my wine nights with my friends and passion of always being happy has actually made me more like Him. So, now I want to tell you to not let any label, social status, or even people put a limit to how humble you can be. Remember it’s about imitating Jesus in our own way of living, it’s about bowing our knees in adoration lifting His name up high and knowing how little we are compared to his Glory– knowing that he is Greater than our knowledge and He is above all things…

Jesus make us like you, make us humble like you! – Audrey Assad

Claudia Navichoque – Writer, unparalleled love


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