Beautiful Commitment

God shows his love in many ways and the way he really showed his love to me was through that one very special question from that one very special someone. That question was “Will you be my Godmother for my confirmation?” I was not expecting it to happen to me at all (at least not this soon in my life). God surely has perfect timing. That unforgettable moment was something I will always cherish.

It was such an honor to be chosen to play this special role knowing it was not going to be temporary, rather, for a lifetime. I did not think twice about answering and I automatically said “Yes!!!” I also thought to myself that I must have done something right to be rewarded in such an amazing way.

I feel like God put this opportunity in my life to better myself as a Catholic and to be that lifelong example for my God-daughter and to those around me. She saw in me, what I had not noticed, and it was that ability that led me to gratefully accept this offer.

I did not accept because I felt obligated to and I was afraid to say no, I accepted because I was proud that somebody trusted me enough to want me to help and guide them in the faith and in life. There is a lot of things I don’t know about the faith, but that gives me another reason to want to look deeper and more profound in the truth and to be able to learn and teach others but most importantly teach my God-daughter, and that to me is a beautiful thing. 12715698_916039181850539_3768942148123075440_n.jpg

Being a Godparent is not something everyone is called to be.

To be a God-parent you have to have your first three sacraments, those being your Baptism, your first Communion and your Confirmation. You have to be at least 18 years of age and either single or married by the Catholic Church.

It is much more than just meeting those requirements that make a God-parent. It is also about carrying a Christian lifestyle, and are capable of introducing God to them. I’m not saying that the parents are not to teach them anything, and to leave it all to the Godparents, on the contrary. I’m just explaining the main purpose of being a Godparent which is to help guide your God-child in the right path and to help guide them in the beautiful Catholic faith to help them realize and accept the truth, God himself.

It is important that we show and guide our God-children at a young age about our faith so that they may live this long, beautiful journey accepting God sooner than later. With our God-children knowing about God we will be able to notice in them the big things that God is capable of doing.

If you are a new God-parent, do not worry about having to know everything about the Catholic faith, but as a perfect way for the two of you to get together and to learn together.

Jennifer Baker – Writer, unparalleled love

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