Live for others

Too many times we set a mentality of success; be successful be content be comfortable. We go against great odds to be someone “important”. I wish to question this ideology: Are we losing ourselves and who we were truly meant to be to fit a mold? Although I agree we should dream big and never limit the power of oneself; but we should never lose perspective of those around us or the discipleship mission Christ entrusted us. As Christians, we are called to live for love. Yes, love and love only. The modern quote such as, “I do me you do you” or “whatever you do doesn’t impact me, so I don’t care”. These quotes put into question one of the most fundamental teachings of our Christ; service. They place our society in an ego-centric mentality, a mentality that is truly challenged by authentic love. I am not the first or last to say it, but as Christians, we are called to live, serve, and love others.

Please don’t get me wrong—you aren’t called to please others. When we live to please others, we kill ourselves to fit the expectation that society has for us; dress, fads, ideologies, attention, recognitions, money, ambitions etc. When we live for others, we kill ourselves to fit the description that the first community of Christians shared. A sense of hurt, compassion, empathy, and happiness for others. The true Christian mentality isn’t about how comfortable I can live, as a matter of fact, it’s the complete opposite. Living for others requires love, and love is sacrifice. To understand sacrifice we look at the cross, the most sublime act of love. So, today I challenge us to become a society that hurts with others as well as a society that celebrates with others. We cannot turn our heads to the needs of society and search our own comfort–this leads us into an empty life, a life without true purpose. We cannot love only when it is easy to love, it is in uncomforted situations where love can fully act. Let us wake up and realize that a life worth living is a life of service. So whether you are a mom, teacher, dad, priest, surgeon, mechanic, secretary, take the Gospel and go out and serve! Do away with comfort zones or playing it safe, our Christ was a radical lover—let us love others radically. ALERT: This goes against the current of modern society, so you will most likely be challenged! But it’s a fight worth fighting: for the cause of love, enforced by the power of the Holy Scripture, and guided by the everlasting presence of the Holy Spirit. 🙂


“The world offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.” Pope Benedict XVI

Joandra Ocampo – Writer, unparalleled love


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