Un Cafecito

Delightful. delicious. robust. familiar. pleasant. warm. cozy. comforting. alluring. gratifying. Memorable– are just some words that describe the aroma I receive when smelling coffee. Throughout the years, coffee has been included in my diet, being Guatemalan, coffee was introduced at a very young age. The origin of the coffee is not easy to explain, thus, it is not a response of just one element, but a collection of chemical compounds that are responsible for the smell and taste.

However, an aroma can be unpleasant and uncomfortable. The same principle can be applied to our life with Christ. Is our aroma, pleasant or unpleasant? When people approach us, do we send off an aroma of coziness, warmth, or love? The aroma of Jesus working in us is a delicious and delightful smell that should draw the broken-hearted and wounded souls to a place of restoration. God’s heart beats with love every time he sees us giving off the warm and comforting aroma of grace and hope.

We are blessed as Catholics. We have many elements (Sacraments) that produce the chemical compound that delivers the smell and taste in our Christian life. Apart of our Sacraments, here are some other elements that will enrich our aroma.

Reading of the scriptures/ Catholic books


Making it a daily habit will help us through our dark times and to be the light that others need. Sending out a delightful aroma to those that surround us.


God uses this incredible form of art to speak to us. He gives us the opportunity to dive deeper in our faith. [Here are few amazing Catholic singers to get started: Matt Maher, Audrey Assad, Dave Moore] Listening to His message through music can help us give off the robust aroma of our faith to others.



Prayer makes a difference. It’s a dialogue between you and Him. Praying allows us to work with Him, growing a more intimate relationship with Him. Having that time with Him will definitely change us, in which we will transmit an alluring fragrance that draws others closer to Him.

2 Corinthians 2:14-16 “But thanks be to God, who always brings triumph to us in Christ Jesus, and who manifests the fragrance of his knowledge through us in every place.For we are the sweet fragrance of Christ for God, both with those who are being saved and with those who are perishing. To the one, certainly, the fragrance is of death unto death. But to the other, the fragrance is of life unto life. And concerning these things, who is so suitable?”

Fabiola Navichoque – Writer, unparalleled love

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