Our Mission

Our happiness is found through Jesus. As young Catholic ladies, we inspire our writing by our faith. Focusing on discovering the many ways it’s possible to live with Christ in our modern world. Undeserving small town ladies simply searching for authenticity of love and freedom.

Why unparalleled love?

Unparalleled Love is a metaphor used to describe the love Christ has for us, and how nothing could compare or come parallel to it. The magnitude of His Love is abstract, yet concrete; it is a concept not easily comprehended by the human mind, and in reality it will never be understood in its totality. Trying to understand or conceptualize the divine love is a continuous journey, but never a specific place or ideology. Unparalleled love is understanding that nothing will come close to the Love that our Christ has for us. For this reason, we immerse ourselves into His caressing arms and walk in a pathway of Love—an authentic, unparalleled type of love.

– unparalleled love team